Paternity test from microtraces

Badania z mikrośladówIf there is no passibility to collect the standard material - a buccal swab - we can offer you paternity test from so-called biological microtraces . In such cases the source of DNA for analysis is one of many possible non-standard materials.

Proper protection and the choice of the right kind of material is crucial for the entire analysis. It is recommended to contact our consultant to discuss this matter.

Non-standard materials that might be the source of DNA:

  • toothbrush,
  • chewing gum,
  • cigarette butt,
  • empty drink bottle (only if the bottle thread had a contact with the mouth of examined person),
  • baby soother,
  • tissue with nasal secretions,
  • sanitary pad,
  • tissue or pieces of cloth with a spot of blood or traces of sperm
  • nails,

and possibly other materials after discussing with our consultant.

The item/material should be used by the person that is to be examined (toothbrush - repeatedly), and only by this person.

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